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Along with great pictures from the GM Nationals, we are offering our SPECIAL PRICING for the show to all our customer until the end of July.

You may call them a car lift, truck lift, garage lift, storage lift, hoist, or hydraulic car lift. They are all made to get the same end result; to lift your car or truck for servicing.

Car lifts are one of the most diverse products made. There are 2 post lifts, 4 post lifts, pad lifts, alignment racks, scissor lifts, and many more. No matter what type of work your business performs, we have a car lift made for you! You may also want to consider a storage lift to make more room in your garage.

The most difficult part of purchasing a car lift is deciding which lift best suites your business wants and needs. A few things to consider is:

What is your ceiling height?
What is the heaviest thing you will be lifting?
Will you be lifting cars or trucks?
What work will you be performing on the vehicle?

With a 2 post lift, you have asymmetric or symmetric lifting. Asymmetric lifts allows you access to get out of your car without hitting the door on the post. Symmetric lifts are for lifting trucks. However, a few manufacturers produce a 2 post car lift that have 3 stage front arms which enable you to lift both asymmetrically and symmetrically with the same auto lift.

4 post lifts are a drive on type lift widely used in transmission, muffler and oil change shops. In order to lift the wheels off the runways, you will need to purchases additional accessories for your car lift.

4 post storage lifts are also a great way to create more space in your garage, not to mention that you can add casters to them allowing you to move them around!
We are here to help you make the best choice on an auto or truck lift which will meet your needs.